CSIR-Data Infographics System (C-DIS Ver 2.0 )

Shaping and Boosting Data Driven CSIR Ecosystem

Frequently Asked Question/s
Q. What is the motive behind this move
A. A centralized system for easy data collection, coordination and curation.

Q. How many accounts CSIR Lab/Unit will possess
A. Only one account, for which the credential will be provided to the Director of Lab/
    Heads of Units

Q. How data can be exploited to harness information/knoweldge out of it  
A. This is a multistep procedure and related to the principle of complex data science paradigmns. Below given pictorial representation can depict it at some  extend:

Q. Who are the Team Member/s from CSIR HQ for this initiative

A. The Team Member/s from CSIR HQ are:
  • Dr. Abhishek Kumar, abhishek_kumar[at]csir.res.in
  • Shri K Venkatasubramanian, venkat[at]csir.res.in
  • Mrs DeepShikha Gautam, deepshikha.gautam30[at]gmail.com